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• All contents and information as well as the services which appear in solely belong to the owner of the web site, while they are protected by intellectual property and copyright laws. 

• It is illegal to copy, reproduce, distribute, share or use in any way information and services of by visitors and users or partners for any reason beyond personal use.

• The use of information and other services and data contained in this web site, for commercial use, is allowed only after written permission from the owner.

• In the event that the web site offers links (hyperlinks) to other web sites, visiting and browsing of these afore-mentioned sites is done solely with the responsibility of the visitor.

• Commercial names and any other representations (including badges, images, logos, etc.) which represent  or any other third party, be it individual, corporate or legal, are protected by law and commercial ownership and their use in this web site does not imply, nor can be implied, the right of use in any form or manner.

• Personal information provided by visitors of our web site, are used solely for the proper functionality of the respective service and will not be used by any third party without conforming to Greek law Ν. 2472/97 concerning the protection or personal information, as applicable each time. has made every effort possible to portray, in the closest possible manner and precision, the products it offers by showing representative photographs, descriptions, etc. Not withholding, the present web site could contain errors (typographical, mathematical, and representative). does not offer any guarantee concerning the precision, accuracy or completeness of representations and descriptions.

• The persons responsible for maintain the right to make changes to the contents or services of this web site as well as to these terms of use, without any prior notice.

• By using this web site, you accept all the above-mentioned terms and conditions without question and reservation.

• At Boutique Events, we are keenly aware of the trust you place in us and our responsibility to protect your privacy. We respect and take all the necessary measures to protect your privacy information. The information that you insert in is only for internal use and it is not shared with anyone.